Make more profit by knowing how much you make on each sale, as it happens

CronosNow uses MarginDriver to provide real-time profitability analysis of your eCommerce sales across multiple sales channels so that you know exactly how much profit or loss you are making for every order on every sales channel, all the time.

CronosNow + MarginDriver
helping you make more profit

The fundamental problem with traditional accounting and bookkeeping is that there is a significant time delay between an order taking place and you being able to accurately determine the profit you made on that order.

What makes it worse is that the costs, and therefore the profits per order often vary between various marketplaces. This forces sellers to frequently use “their gut” to guess how much money, if any, they are making on an order.

Having real-time data at your fingertips that can accurately analyse the costs and profits on high volumes of transactions across multiple sales channels is worth gold! Go for gold with CronosNow and MarginDriver.

See what MarginDriver can do for your eCommerce business

MarginDriver offers critical real-time data analysis for your eCommerce business. These are some of our favourite product features:

One dashboard
to rule them all

MarginDriver automatically fetches order data from Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Big Commerce, and Woo Commerce and presents the true gross profit data in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

No need for

Reports include data on sales channel fees as well as product COGS, shipping and selling fees along with comprehensive filtering and drill-down features to help you see the complete profitability picture.

Real-time data at
your fingertips

Determine true gross profit for every order and every SKU across multiple channels. Results are benchmarked against your company’s historical performance to provide context and help you make data driven decisions

Get detailed order
revenue data

Get multichannel product revenue, shipping revenue, refunds, sales tax, and discount data in one place and see what your actual revenue is in real time for every order and every sales channel.

Get true cost of
goods sold

See the true cost of goods sold including product, shipping, advertising and fulfilment fees all neatly aggregated in one place.

Get accurate info on
fees & costs

Find out what your sales channel platforms and marketplaces are really charging you including marketplace fees, credit card fees, currency conversion fees as well as refunds and returns all in one place.

Eliminate deficient orders

Easily identify, in real time, the orders that are losing money or falling short of your target margins and take the appropriate steps to fix the problem before it escalates.

Find your
best sellers

Discover your bestselling, and most profitable, variants and products, brands and suppliers on each sales channel without having to dive into spreadsheets.

with Xero

MarginDriver automates much of the accounting data with Xero making sure that your results are fed directly to your monthly financial statements. The result being that CronosNow can keep our accounting fees low and save you money!


In order to make accounting efficient, and therefore affordable for our clients we need a tool that aggregates all the transaction data into the correct revenue and expense account categories for accounting, AND we need to reconcile this data back to actual pay-out data that ultimately arrives in a single bank account receipt as well a month-end receivables values that are not yet paid out. There are multiple accounting tools on the market to help automate ecommerce accounting, but we wanted more for our clients!

Three main problems MarginDriver solves:

  1. MarginDriver operates across multiple sales channels with pricing that does not increase for additional sales channels
  2. MarginDriver provides real time gross profit data for our clients to manage their business. You don’t have to wait for data to be available only when marketplace and platform pay-outs occur
  3. Margin Driver helps us reconcile not only to marketplace pay-outs but month-end receivables balances due to your business, getting
    your balance sheet and cash flow reports 100% accurate.

Two main advantages of using MarginDriver:

  1. Our accounting process requires less time, which means we are more cost effective
  2. You get a true order profit reporting dashboard tool to run your business without purchasing a second application