Automate your eCommerce bookkeeping by using A2X to batch process transactions

CronosNow uses A2X to batch process tens of thousands of Amazon, Shopify, Wallmart, eBay, Etsy and BigCommerce transactions every month. This saves hundreds of hours monthly and allows us to accurately and efficiently capture your sales in Xero.

CronosNow + A2X
saving you time and money

Modern online sales channels like Amazon and Shopify can produce tens of thousands of sales every month. Although that is great for your bottom line, someone needs to ensure that the accounting is done efficiently and accurately.

A2X makes it possible for small to medium eCommerce businesses to punch well above their weight by automating the accounting process. This in turn makes the bookkeeping process a lot more affordable since A2X saves an enormous amount of time.

See what A2X can do for your eCommerce business

A2X offers essential bookkeeping automation services for your eCommerce business. These are some of our favorite product features:

Ecommerce accounting in
minutes, not hours

Process thousands of transactions in minutes and not hours with a full audit trail that ensures your business is due dillegence ready

Make tax time less taxing with accurate books

Assign rules to every transaction type, including both taxable and non-taxable sales, as well as the country of origin, to ensure precise tax accounting.

Detailed financial reporting, less guesswork

Get more reliable financial statements. With A2X you can monitor important metrics such as profit margins, COGS, channel performance, and other crucial information.


A2X gives you the ability to use one app to connect to the most popular channels. This is vital for sellers that rely on an omnichannel approach to scale their business

Get summarized data that matters to you

A2X provides you with auto-classified summaries of your sales, fees, taxes, and additional information that are categorized by sales channel. 


Instead of guessing what the impact of sales channel fees, commissions, and returns was, get accurate summaries that will help you plan better

What are the main advantages of using A2X:

  1. A2X automates the capturing of your sales channel transactions and syncs them with accounting system
  2. A2X accurately accounts for your returns
  3. A2X accurately accounts for your sales channel fees
  4. A2X accurately accounts for your cost of goods sold
  5. A2X ensures that transactions are recorded in the correct period which is essential for accrual accounting