Meet the team that will solve your eCommerce bookkeeping problems

We (Richard and Yvonne) are a rare breed of accountants who are creative and entrepreneurial at heart. We are fortunate enough to work together which, as husband and wife, has its challenges but the benefits for us and our clients far outweigh any risks of spouses working together.

We are both chartered accountants, and we moved from South Africa to Montenegro after selling an online and distance global education group so we could build a business and lifestyle through which we can add value to society and work with people who fascinate us, all the while being location independent. From our own entrepreneurial endeavours, we developed a specialised skill-set and focus on systems and automation for accounting software and related systems. These skills make our clients, and our own work more efficient, profitable and enjoyable. 

Our clients all have our numbers on speed dial, and we value the high degree of in the relationships we build with our entrepreneurial clients. We are not your average accountants – we have a deep level of understanding for your business journey as an entrepreneur as we have been, and are, on a journey similar to yours. 

Reach out to us for a no risk, no charge discussion and analysis of your business and systems. 


Richard Starkey

I have been a serial entrepreneur since my teenage years. I am a chartered accountant with a Master’s degree in accounting, and have been an entrepreneur for 20 years, with a few years of working for an international accounting brand in between my various entrepreneurial projects.

Despite accounting being my core area of expertise, I am highly passionate about marketing and making businesses scalable, and helping business founders work more like designers so they spend less time being a moving part within their business. This passion, along with some varied experience as CFO and CEO in some global businesses and startups of my own, has provided me with unique perspectives and the skills needed to best serve our clients at CronosNow.

My experience includes being a partner at an audit and accounting firm; founding an online and distance education business that served over 10 000 students a year throughout the USA, UK and South African markets; and spending some time running mergers and acquisitions for a variety of large clients.
My true passion, however, has always been entrepreneurs, and over the last few years, I have found myself focusing more and more on e-commerce entrepreneurs. I add value and get value from working with them, and have managed to build out a business that allows me to focus on serving e-commerce and startup entrepreneurs as well as being one.

I believe in simple solutions that get results, and results start with bottom line profits and cash flow, but really great results give a business owner time and freedom.

I love business, especially owner-managed businesses that require a “roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty” approach in order to work. I have interests in a number of startups, some of which have been great successes, and some of which have taught me great life lessons and given me some “humble pie”. But all these ventures have taught me the value of thinking more like a “master designer” of the entrepreneurial machine rather than thinking like a moving part or employee of the businesses that I own.


Yvonne Starkey

I am a creative personality, a teacher by heart, and a chartered accountant by trade. I made the transition from accountant to entrepreneur more recently than some, and I could not go back to a ‘9 to 5’. I would probably be better described as an edupreneur as my other business ownership interests lie in accounting education, and within CronosNow I feel that my greatest contribution lies in educating our entrepreneurial e-commerce clients on how best to build a strong, process-driven foundation to ensure business success.

My area of expertise is auditing, which is really a fancy word for assessing risk, process and controls – all of which are central to any entrepreneurial success, but so often misunderstood.

I spend my life helping entrepreneurs and accounting students master these topics in a practical way. For entrepreneurs and our clients at CronosNow, I help design processes that ensure high-quality risk management for business owners so that they can sleep better at night (possibly after having spent the day sipping Italian wine and eating good food) knowing their business has planned processes and controls in place to prevent any crises from occurring while they’re away from the office.

I have the ability to simplify the complex, and that is really valuable to our clients at CronosNow, where we have this team of really smart people – but smart is useless if it’s not understood or implemented in a simple way for our clients and partners.